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PhysicsTree serves my  physics teaching at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST).

Needless to say, its constantly under construction.


Dr. John Dell

Physics Teacher TJHSST

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Click me if you  SERIOUSLY WANT TO LEARN PHYSICS:   A list of links to Complete Courses (Lecture Video, Notes, Problem Sets,... made available by various universities ). Substantial, satisfying, and all free!

Talks on Fundamental Questions in Physics: Intelligible single talks by master physicists about deep ideas on many levels .  Some talks open doors, some explain what the door is made of, and others will show you how a great physicist of the age has thought about physics. No matter what, “Once you take the blue pill,you won’t be in Kansas anymore.”

TJ Students Building a Supercomputer Workstation - with a little help from NVidia

Black Hole Entropy and Atomic Space-Time ?

Fay Dowker Presents A Case for Atomic Spacetime